A big “thank you” to all those who visit the page of the Portuguese Embassy in Bangkok!
This page is primarily intended for those who consult it, whether out of necessity or out of simple
curiosity. We will endeavour to keep it up to date and make it as useful a tool as possible. Therefore,
all suggestions are welcome.

Having just arrived, I would like to begin by expressing how honoured I am to represent my country
in the Kingdom of Thailand, such an old friend of Portugal. It was nearly ten years ago that the half millennium of cultural, commercial, political and diplomatic relations between the two countries was celebrated. Relationships never interrupted, always of friendship and founded on mutual respect. Relationships that still prevail and that we want to deepen in all fields so that, in the future, we can continue to celebrate together the anniversaries of an old friendship, always renewed and consolidated by weaving new bonds inspired by common interests.

During my tenure, which extends to five other countries in this Southeast Asian region, namely
Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam, I will do everything to increase the visibility of
Portugal in this part of the world where the Portuguese were the first westerners to arrive and
establish themselves, leaving a legacy that, dynamically, still lingers today and manifests itself
through the many thousands of individuals who descend from them and who do not forget their

I will also do everything to encourage the interest of these countries for Portugal, for its culture, for its
natural beauty, for its amazing touristic offers and for the excellence of its products. And I take this opportunity to encourage my countrymen to take an interest in this region that we have known for so long. The distances are so much shorter nowadays!

I also invite you to study new business opportunities, be it in the tourism that so many bonds can
create, or through the export of all the very good things that Portugal produces, creates and invents,
and which remain so little known in this part of the World.

Rely on us, count on the Portuguese Embassy in Bangkok. The elements that we provide here also aimed to facilitate access to information about Portugal, namely using links to other institutions, public services, consulates, etc. Whenever possible, and
within our means, we will try to use this space to publicize the activities of the Embassy and the
Portuguese Cultural Centre. Thus, we also invite anyone interested in Portugal, to consult these informative pages, with the hope that they may be useful to them.

I must also highlight, as one of my priorities, the service to all Portuguese residents or to the ones
simply visiting. They will always be an important driving force in bilateral relations, and I hope that
they will be great users of this portal.

Finally, if I do not hesitate to say that you can always be sure of my support and dedication, I believe
I will not make a mistake in saying that also the small, but extraordinarily dedicated team that makes
up this Embassy, ​​will do everything to support you in every way that fits in our possibilities and

João Bernardo Weinstein

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