The night of June 12 is traditionally the longest and most fun of Lisbon nights, with parades and street parties in the traditional neighborhoods. This year unfortunately had to be different because of the extraordinary moment we find ourselves in. #Lisbon celebrated with a concert by the Portuguese group Dead Combo, at the Castle of São Jorge, honoring the city and its multiculturalism.

You can enjoy this concert here:[0]=AZVacq_qWFKNAsxZU2E5w9i1WwxR-iY5oQygnIQGRxVu2IHfw-cvj4grBxD_BsaUcnlYEEWMu7glwgobVfgzo4TT0ZxGY5lOP0buN6774A9c9utPVsVZu2aiDqHF2mzT3NXpI5bH99KZ5QpZiJMw60hYdWvZWQRW9la6PVwh8UZv2vIEDmCHfzJjuUIOddF8HIDRK_Or7XKg-yAXGo_JRlCSHwQqn5FX9EVFfSAybmcE3ZceVYTLexZGKMOHhrPBAs8&__tn__=kC%2CP-y-R

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