The weekend is arriving. To prepare it, we decided to share with you a small piece of art, a short doc-movie from the Portuguese director João Vasco: The Wood Carver or the World's most beautiful Workshop. We hope you enjoy!


Built after one of the biggest Lisbon earthquakes (the one from 1531), Bairro Alto is one of the most typical neighborhoods of the Portuguese Capital. In addition to the nightlife that has always characterized it, traditional commerce has proliferated, evoking the village that hides in the metropolis. New laws now dictate the closure of shops and other secular small businesses but also the closing of life chapters.[0]=AT3Ak2jQBAqj3kLJf5ZufCIAJMWCLIsh3_cJfJqpWDbQH1Wef6kKhI8rHtMSG6To8uP2Vo56mGQVVcrldZRr7P4qAkWkQvovRtX62fyJO8Wy_Ab6QSlzGz3cayW6AlPjHfSgTaZ1s6Uwo14O8vHyTXINIku6KL6YBMOw15rya8KmPNple0mwztvfutS8dF0

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